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Digging a trench 80mm wide and adjustable depths of 200mm, 325mm and 450mm. Ideal for laying plumbing pipes, telecommunication cables, and irrigation hose.

The trenching machine’s narrow design allows easy access around the jobsite and it fits easily through gates and doorways.

The digging chain is fitted 20 hardened bullet teeth and can handle compacted soils, small roots and cricket size rocks.

The compact size of the Trencher, and it’s built-in lift handles, make it easy to transport. The unit easily fits in the back of a small ute or trailer.

Powered by a Honda GX160

The trencher is fitted with a ratchet mechanism on the wheels to help prevent the machine from pulling away from the trenching direction. This greatly aids the operator while trenching and allows the trencher to do the digging while the side delivery auger piles the dirt up neatly beside the trench. When the depth control handle is moved to one of the 3 digging positions the wheel ratchets engage allowing the wheels to only roll in the trenching direction.

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