Husqvarna X-Cut 20″ Chainsaw chain – 3/8 x .058 gauge with 72 Drivelinks

$64.95 inc. GST


Husqvarna NEW X-CUT Chainsaw chain 3/8 x .058 gauge – chisel chain with 72 Drivelinks, and fitted with an 20″ bar
Suits models;  455R-AT, 555AT, 460, 562XP, 556-AT, 570-AT, 570 ll-AT, 576XP, 390XP, 395 XP. 3120XP
1. The X-Cut saw chain is pre-stretched, lowering the need for adjustments and the risk of damage from a slack chain that can go longer before re-tensioning.
2. The X-Cut saw chain is faster than comparable chains, improving efficiency and results. The smoothness of the saw chain reduces the required human effort.
3. The design of the cutters, the materials and the manufacturing processes have all been refined to give the X-Cut saw chain outstanding sharpness that lasts.
4. The microstructure of the steel and the chrome layer have been precisely and painstakingly defined on a molecular level. This ensures a high cutting capacity and a lasting sharpness.
The X-CUT saw chain is the perfect match for your Husqvarna chainsaw. The X-CUT is the first ever
chainsaw chain to be completely developed, designed and manufactured bu Husqvarna at the Husqvarna factory.
The chain is designed to have a sharpness that lasts, outstanding durability, low stretch and a high cutting
efficiency that will increase your output.