Husqvarna T35X Trimmer head

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A Genuine Husqvarna Tap’N’Go Trimmer head to fit the following models; 128LDx, 133R, 223L, 223R, 224L, 226R, 233RJ, 323L, 323LD, 323R, 323RJ, 324LDx, 324Rx, 325LDx, 325Lx, 325RDx, 325Rjx, 325Rx, 326L, 326LDx, 326LS, 326Lx, 326RJx, 326Rx, 327LDx, 327LS, 327RDx, 327RJx, 327Rx, 523L, 525L, 525LDx, 525LS, 525LST, 525Rx, 533RS.

Tap’N’go heads feature a semi-automatic cord feed system. The trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground.

Part No; 5784466-01