2 x Wheel Bushes for Husqvarna Ride-On Mowers

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2 x Wheel Bushes for Husqvarna Ride-on Mowers. Also called Bearings (Flange)

To suit the following models;

CTH151XP, CTH180XP, CTH2036XP, CTH2038, CTH2138R, CTH2238TE, CTH2542T, CTH2542XP, CTH2642TR, CTH2642TRE, CTH19530, GTH2548XP, GTH2550XP, GTH2554XP, GTH2752TF, GTH3052TDF, GTH3052TF, LT1536, LT1538, LT19538, LT19538R, LTH126, LTH1742, LTH1742T, LTH1797, LTH1842, LTH1842T, LTH2038, LTH2038R, LTH2142D, LTH2142DR, LTH19530, CTH1736, LT1597, YTH1542XP, YTH1842XP, YTH1848XP, YTH2042D, YTH2042XP, YTH2148XP, YTH2242TDF, YTH2242TDRF, YTH2242TF, YTH2246TDR, YTH2546TD, YTH2548XP, YTH2648TDF, YTH2648TDRF, YTH2648TF, YTH2754XP & YTH2754XP.

GENUINE PART NO; 5320090-40

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